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What does it take to operate the most sophisticated technology of its kind?      ....Just 3 steps.

Apollo’s algorithm is amazingly complex. So you’re thinking that the process of using it will be complicated too, right? Well, think again. Using Apollo Stock Manager is incredibly simple and easy. 3 steps is all it takes.

Pick the stocks you’re interested in.
Optimization on those stocks through Apollo will start automatically.

Wait for the trading signal.
The beauty of using Apollo is that the Buy and Sell signals get automatically calculated for each stock and shown in the Stocks screen and in your portfolios for easy trading decisions.

When you get a signal from Apollo, make the trade action suggested.
Congratulations. You’ve just experienced what it’s like to have the most advanced and accurate analysis signal on the planet working for you.

Portfolio screen
Portfolios Screen with Signals of all your prefered Stocks

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StockMarket %Apollo %
Dow Jones 90.7 87.0
Nasdaq 159.2 155.4
S&P 500 106.9 45.6
S&P 100 94.2 94.6
Updated February 07

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“Now that I have been playing with the program for awhile, with stocks I know and am familiar with, this is an amazing program.”
10/7/2009 – Kent Lindberg