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Unique Algorithm

Plenty of tools look to a stock's past performance to evaluate how it might perform in the future. Yet, the farther into the future you look, the more margin for error you have along the way to getting there.

That's where Apollo's software algorithm is totally different.

Once it utilizes past data, Apollo focuses purely on the very next decision point in front of you - not a hodgepodge of potential decision points down the road. The result is a much more realistic expectation of future performance and trading results, with clear Buy and Sell signals that help you shift gears much quicker.

Your money is on the line right here and now. Maybe it's time you worked with the kind of signal generation software designed to reflect that.

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StockMarket %Apollo %
Dow Jones 90.7 87.0
Nasdaq 159.2 155.4
S&P 500 106.9 45.6
S&P 100 94.2 94.6
Updated February 07

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“Now that I have been playing with the program for awhile, with stocks I know and am familiar with, this is an amazing program.”
10/7/2009 – Kent Lindberg